Assuming that you designed your app and made sure it's working properly, there are a couple of easy steps left to launch your app as discussed below.

1. Getting both Apple and Google Play developer accounts.
2. Filling up App Information Form.
3. Requesting Store Submission

Let's go into details of each step!

1. Getting Apple and Google Play Developer Accounts

In order to publish your app on behalf of your brand's name, you need to get developer accounts from both Google Play and Apple stores. It's the way of letting you have full control of your app. 

We have prepared guides for you to make these processes as easy as possible.

You can check the guides for getting developer accounts for each of these platforms by clicking the links below:

Guide For Getting Apple Developer Account
Guide For Getting Google Play Developer Account 

2. Filling Up App Information Form

After completing each process for the developer accounts, you need to fill up the App Information Form on Shopney dashboard. To navigate the App Information Form, you just need to click on the 'Publish' button placed on the top right of Shopney dashboard as shown below.

And then, you see the form that you can view below.

The information that you fill the form with is extremely important. So, we have prepared another guide for you to fill up your App Information Form like a pro here.

3. Requesting Store Submission

Once you got your developer accounts and filled the App Information Form perfectly, you can request Shopney Team for submitting your app to application stores. In order to do this, all you need is to click on the 'Request Store Submission' button on the top right of your App Information Form that can be seen below.

After you complete all 3 steps above, our team will take over the process and follow all the procedures required to publish your app on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Once the process is complete, your app will be published in the application stores and you will be notified about it by an e-mail.

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