Before giving a start to your app's launching process, there is a list of things that you need to make sure. Though it is always possible to make design-related changes on your app after it goes live, some of them will not be updated until an update to your app is published.

As Shopney, we work hard to make everything as easy and simple as it can be so that you can make changes on your app whenever you want, even when it is live. What you can change without the need of publishing an update to your app are:

  • Showcase Design 

  • Sub-collection Types

  • Left Menu (Navigation Menu) Items

  • Quick Actions

  • Store Logo

  • Changing Review Provider App Integrations

  • Colors and Icons

  • Product Listing Image Scale

  • Abandoned Card Notification Timing

  • Enabling or Disabling Discount and Discount Message

For your newly added products/collections to be in synch with your Shopney mobile app, they need to be managed on Shopify end. Please have a look at the related guide for more information. 

Things that can be changed only with an update from our side are:

  • Theme

  • App Icon

  • Splash Screen (Opening Image)

  • Placeholder

  • Google Analytics Integration

  • Store Info Listing Form

If you'd like to change your theme, all you need to do is letting us know which theme you'd like to have. We will send you a preview link to make sure the theme fully suits your taste. After getting your approval, we will publish the update. 

If you'd like to change your app icon or splash screen, you need to upload them on your Shopney dashboard and let us know. Then, we will publish the update.

Placeholder is the image that appears while your product images are loading. By default, it is your brand logo. If you want to customize it, you need to send us the image and we will update it.

The image sizes for the placeholder are 1536x1539.

For the changes you'd like to make on the placeholder when your app is already live, once again, you need to send us the image you'd like to have and we will publish the update.

If you don't have Google Analytics integration on your live app, you can always start using it afterward. All you need is to complete the required steps from the integrations section on Shopney dashboard. Once you complete these steps, we will receive your integration request and publish the update. Please have a look at the related guide for more detailed information about Google Analytics Integration.

Do you need further help? Please feel free to contact us anytime! We will be more than happy to help and guide you.

Thanks for reading!

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