If you are reading this article, you are about to launch a world-class mobile app with Shopney. After making it to the end, you will see how easy to launch a mobile app for your store with us. Let's begin!

1. What are the steps to launch my mobile app?

In the table below you will find all the steps from day-1 to the day that you'll see your mobile app in App Store and Play Store. Each step is briefly explained and the time they will take is noted.




Mobile App Design

Designing your mobile app with drag-n-drop editor.

2-5 Hours

Developer Accounts

Getting developer accounts from Apple and Google for app launch.

2 - 7 Days

Sending Invitations

Sending Shopney team invitations from your developer accounts.

10 Minutes

Google Analytics Integration

Integrating Google Analytics to your mobile app for app analytics.

1 Hour

3rd Party App Integration

Integrating 3rd party Shopify apps with a few quick steps.

30 Minutes

Providing App Information

Filling out the mobile app listing information form with brand-specific info.

20 Minutes

App Submission Request

Requesting Shopney team to submit your mobile app for launch.

5 Minutes

App Review & Launch

Getting your app reviewed by Apple & Google and launch of it.

2-5 Days

The entire process above will require you less than 10 hours of actual work.

These are the brief steps to launch your app. If you want to learn more details about each, you can find them below.

2. How long does it takes to see my apps on application stores?

It generally takes 8-10 days to see your app on App Store and Play Store. However, it might take shorter or longer depending on your unique case.

*Getting Apple Developer Account might take more than 4 days depending on your business type and location.

3. What are the details of each step?

If you want to learn more details about to process, keep on reading. In this section, we will cover dig deeper into each step and learn the details of sub-processes.

3.1. Mobile App Design

In this step, you will design your mobile app on Shopney dashboard. Additionally, there are several other things you will work on. They are all super-simple.

A. Designing home page of your app with Shopney design editor

B. Setting up your app menu

C. Selecting design colors

D. Uploading app icon, opening image and store logo ( *Requires app update)

E. Selecting mobile app theme ( *Requires app update)

*Requires app update: If you want to change your design in the future, you need to know which ones require new mobile app version release on App Store and Play Store. Because, if you want to change something that requires app update, then you will need to wait in the app launch queue. We have separated the ones that require update above with (Requires app update) note.

*Please check this article to see what else requires app update to change.

3.2. Getting Apple & Google Developer Accounts

At Shopney, we want you to have full control of your mobile app. So, we request you to have your own developer accounts and launch your mobile apps from them. If you don't developer accounts yet, we have prepared detailed guide for each. You can follow the steps and get your accounts ready:

A. Apple Developer Account Guide

B. Google Developer Account Guide

3.3. Sending developer account invitations to Shopney team

We will take care of the entire app submission and launch processes while you are taking care of your business. To do that, our team will need to access to your developer account. This is why we need your invitation.

You will find how to invite Shopney team in the developer account guides above.

Important Note: After sending the invitations, we request you to let Shopney team by email or live-chat.

3.4. Google Analytics Integration

You cannot manage what you can't measure. So we are offering Google Analytics integration. If you want to learn how, you can read it Google Analytics Integration Guide.

3.5. 3rd Party Shopify App Integration

If you want to want to enable one or more 3rd party apps you can do it before or after app launch without no need for an app update. You can simply enable an available app by following the steps required for it.

3.6. Providing App Information

Your app will need listing information for App Store and Play Store. We request you to provide that info by filling out app information form on Shopney dashboard. To open the form, you need to click on the 'PUBLISH' button as shown below.

3.7. Requesting App Submission

Once you filled the App Information Form perfectly, you can request Shopney Team for submitting your app to application stores.

In order to do this, you’ll need to click on the 'Request Store Submission' button on the top right of the App Information Form.

Important Note: Shopney Quality Assurance Team will check your mobile app from A to Z to make sure everything is working perfectly before launch. And submit your app to Apple and Google in 5 business days.

3.8. App Review & Launch

After submission, your app will be reviewed by Apple and Google teams. It takes 4-5 days for Google and 3-4 days for Apple to review your app and release it.

You can check the app guidelines below:

  1. Apple Guidelines

  2. Google Guidelines

IMPORTANT NOTE: During the review process of your android app, we won't receive the review status emails from Google since we are not the account holder. If you receive an email regarding your android app review status from Google, please notify us and forward it to support@shopney.co so we can take prompt action.

For any further questions you can reach out to our experts via email or dashboard live-chat. We are and will be more than happy to help you.

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