1. Log in to Shopney Dashboard from desktop

2. App Design 

*Please have a look at the article below that would guide you in detail about the design process:

What is Shopney Design Editor and How Can I Use It?

*If you need a hand on design, our UX/UI team can help you with basic app design, you can do changes according to your own taste afterward.

*We suggest that you run off a test order within the preview app to make sure your app supports your payment gateway.

Which Payment Gateways Does Your Shopney Mobile App Support?

3. Sending developer account invitations

*If you do not have Apple and Google Play developer accounts, you need to create them before starting your app design. There are some articles below that would guide you in detail:

How to Create an Apple Developer Account?
How to Create a Google Play Developer Account?

*If we receive an invitation from one of the developer accounts (Apple or Google Developer Account) only, we wait for two days for the second account invitation. Otherwise, we submit the app to the store which we got the account invitation for. Once we receive the second account invitation, the app is submitted to the related store. 

4. Sending Google Analytics docs

*If the required Google Analytics docs are not provided within a day, the app will be published without the integration. Once the docs are received by us, the integration will be published with an update to your app within 10 to 14 days after it goes live.

*Please have a look at the related guide below:

How to Integrate your Google Analytics Account to Shopney?

5. Publishing process

*Once all of the above points are checked, you are ready to click the ‘publish’ button at the top right of your Shopney dashboard.

6. Filling out App Information Form

*Once you click the button, you will be directed to the 'App Information' page where you will see a form to fill out.

*Below guide will help you on how to fill it out:

How to Fill Out your App Listing Form like a Pro?

7. Requesting store submission

*Once you filled the App Information Form perfectly, you can request Shopney Team for submitting your app to application stores. In order to do this, you’ll need to click on the 'Request Store Submission' button on the top right of App Information Form.

Once we make sure all of the above steps have been completed, we will take over the process. We will keep track of your launching process and notify you via email once your app goes live.

*Some changes you'll make on your app design will require an update to your app. Updates are submitted to the stores in 3-6 months period with our periodic maintenance updates.

*If you'd like to use your own store screenshots for App Store and Google Play, please send them in a zip file to The required sizes for the screenshots are as follows:

Android: 750x1334
For iPhone 6,7,8 and their plus versions: 1242x2208
For other iPhones: 1242x2688

Please see the below guide to learn about which changes will require an update to your app:

Can I Make Changes on My Shopney Mobile App Design After It Goes Live?

As Shopney, we suggest you to stick up with this checklist for a healthy and smooth launching process. 

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