If you already have an app available on App Store and Google Play and a fair amount of app users, you may want to publish your new Shopney app as an update to your existing app, so that you don't lose your existing customers.

It is indeed possible! However, it requires detailed testings to make sure everything will function properly. What is controled and tested during this process is the bundle ids and the app performances.

1. Required Files to Update the Existing Android App

To update the existing Android app, we'll need the following details from your previous app builder:

  • Keystore File

  • Keystore File Password

  • Key Alias

  • Key Password

In case the above files are missing, here are some other alternative ways:

1- To be able to publish the update with the existing upload key, you need to share the information about the private upload key. The information on why this is needed is available on this page as well.

The key used in the first release must be used in the ongoing releases.

2- If this information is not shared, we can proceed forward by resetting the existing upload key. Google has summarized the method and explanation about this briefly under the title 'Lost or compromised upload key?' on this page.

Let us know which method you want to proceed with, and we will do our best to help you accordingly.

If you choose to proceed forward with resetting, you will need to fill out this form.

We will share the necessary information for the form once you make your decision and contact us.

2. Required Files to Update the Existing iOS App.

No files are required to update the existing iOS app.

We'll need to run a testflight first. It is required as we'll run further tests to make sure you won't face any crashes on your live app. We'll be in touch throughout this process.

3. Submitting Your New App as an Update either on App Store or Google Play

After our testings, if it's realized that we can submit your app as an update on only one of the stores, what you'll need to do next will be promoting your new app to drive installs!

You can do the followings:

  • Promoting your new app on your website

  • Promoting your new app on your existing app

  • Promoting your new app on your social media accounts

  • Email marketing

Here is an example of how Ladida team applied our suggestion to promote their Shopney app on their existing app:

For any of your other questions, please feel free to contact our support team!

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