The Google Play Developer account enables you to publish your app on the Google Play Store for Android users. The guidelines and policies of Google require you to create your own developer account for your app to be available on the Play Store.

But there is some good news, because the app will be available under your brand's name, you will have full control over it. Also, it will maintain the branding of your company on the Google Play Store.

Now let's get into the details about how to create a Google Play Developer Account.

First of all, you have to have a Gmail (email ending with If you do not have one, navigate here to create one. If you have a Gmail Account, move on with the steps below!

We recommend opening your developer account on a Gmail different from the one used for your personal correspondence.

Follow the steps to sign up for a Google Play Developer Account with Google Play:

1. Go to and sign in with your Gmail account.

2. Select the ‘I Agree’ box for the Google Play Developer distribution agreement.

3. Fill in the billing information to pay the registration fee for the new Google Play Developer Account.

*Please note that it may take Google up to 48 hours to process your payment. Once Google has processed your payment, your account will be enabled to publish your app.

4. Fill in the information for your Google Play Developer Account Profile.

Note: Developer name is the "Name Text" which will be displayed on the Google Play App Store for all apps published under this Google Play Developer Account.

5. In order to let Shopney deal with the app launch processes, you need to give permission to Shopney Team. To do that, navigate to settings -> users and permissions -> and invite as 'Admin' to complete your Google Play Developer Account setup.


A Google Play Developer Account requires only a one time charge of $25. But you can publish more than one app for your business under that account as long as they fit Google's terms & rules.

*According to Google, the mentioned price may change at any time and include taxes.

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