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The Apple Developer Account enables you to publish your app on the App Store for iOS users. Apple requires that you, as a business owner, create your own Apple Developer account and enroll in the Apple Developer program to have your own app listed under your company's name. For more information on this, you can check Apple's Developer Guidelines and see section 4.2.6

Once you have your developer account, your app will exist under your account, you will have full control over it and it will maintain your business' branding on the App Store listing.

We recommend creating a separate Apple ID different from the one used for your personal correspondence unless you already have an Apple ID enrolled in the Apple Developer Program.

Basically, the whole process is consisting of 5 main steps as followings:

1. Two Factor Authentication

2. D-U-N-S Number Process

3. Developer Program Enrollment

4. Inviting Shopney As A New Admin In iTunes

Now, it's time to start to learn how it is!

1. Two Factor Authentication

Apple Requires two-factor authentication to enroll your account into the Apple Developer program for security terms. It is a process that must be followed.

You can check out Apple Support Page for detailed information about it. The whole process might take a couple of days to complete.

2. D-U-N-S Number Process

There are two likely cases about the D-U-N-S number. 

a. You have it but don't know what number it is.
b. You don't have it.

If you don't know your D-U-N-S number, you can look for it here. After checking for it, if you see that don't have a D-U-N-S number, you can learn about how to get it from here.

*Please keep that in mind that getting a D-U-N-S number will take around one week.

3. Developer Program Enrollment

Now, if you've created your Apple ID and set up two-factor authentication, let's get on to the steps for enrollment into the developer program:

A. Navigate to

B. Click the "Start Your Enrollment" button to start the enrollment process.

C. Sign in using your Apple ID

D. Choose the right entity type for your business.

Individuals or sole proprietors/single person businesses: Apps are listed under the developer's personal name.

Organizations: Apps are listed under the organization's legal entity name. Companies and educational institutions must provide a D-U-N-S Number (available for free) registered to their legal entity during the enrollment process.

E. Fill the requested information about your business.

F. Enter your D-U-N-S number when asked.

G. Fill in the billing information and continue to complete the payment

H. After finishing the payment process your yearly Apple Developer Account is set up. Also, Apple will notify you within 24 hours after activating your account.

4. Inviting Shopney As A New Admin In iTunes

A. Sign in to and get into the account section

B. Select 'Users and Access' in the menu and blue + button that will appear on the next page.

C. You will see a window named 'new user'. Please fill it with the following info

First Name: Shopney

Last Name: Team


*Make sure the checkbox in the 'Admin' section is checked.

*If your Apple Developer Account is a company account, make sure the checkbox in the 'Developer Resources' section is checked.

D. After sending your invitation, Shopney Team will get an email. We will accept your invitation and start the process.

It is so important to add Shopney to your iTunes Connect accounts. Otherwise, we will not be able to submit and publish your app.


An Apple Developer Account is a yearly charge of $99. But you can publish more than one app for your business under that account as long as they fit Apple's terms & rules.

*According to Apple, the mentioned price may change at any time and include taxes.

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