As you know, Klaviyo tracks behavioral customer data from multiple channels and gathers at one place to let you create marketing automations accordingly. With this integration, Shopney becomes one of those channels to flow behavioral data to your Klaviyo automations like email marketing and push notifications etc.

So, actual change will not happen on your mobile app. Instead, your Klaviyo marketing automation will be capable of including mobile app events as triggers or conditions. Besides, you will be able to send automated smart push notifications to iOS users.

Which Data Will Be Flowing Into My Klaviyo Dashboard?

Once you enable the integration on Shopney's integration dashboard, the actions taken by the mobile app users will flow into your Klaviyo dashboard instantly and automatically.

Almost any action taken by the mobile app users will be processed as an event on Klaviyo. For example, if a product page is getting viewed on mobile app, you will see it as an event named 'Product Viewed on Mobile' on your Klaviyo events dashboard. Similarly, so many other events like initiating in-app live chat, adding to cart etc will also take place on your Klaviyo dash with the 'On Mobile' phrase in their names as shown below.

How Can I Use Those Datas To Understand My Users?

As you know, the profiles section on your Klaviyo dashboard will provide you with the user behaviors and actions. You can see the list of users as shown.

If you'd like to see the mobile app actions of a profile in details, you can simply click and see all of them (1) based on time they took place. Also, you can see the total actions take by a certain profile (2).

How Can I Use The Customer Behaviors In My Klaviyo Flows?

Just like all other customer actions you use in the Klaviyo marketing flows, the mobile app actions will also be listed in your dashboard.

You can use the actions on mobile as triggers and/or conditions in your flows (1).

You can also use push notifications as actions of your marketing flow (2), as well as the emails (3) and so on.

Important Note: As Klaviyo doesn't support the automated-segmented push notification service for Android, your push notifications will only be delivered to iOS users.

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At Shopney, we work hard to make all of your favorite apps get functional also on your mobile stores. Please feel free to check the 'integrations' section of your Shopney dashboard to see what else we offer as integration.

And let us know if you want another Shopify app to integrate with Shopney. Our development team will check its availability and share their feedback.

Lastly, we have a busy 3rd party Shopify app integration roadmap. So, we may not be able to start working on your integration request immediately, even though all of your requests are valuable to us!

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