When it comes to creating your mobile store, every brand has its own characteristics like inventory size, product image types, and so on. And trying to fit various types of brands into one template doesn't give good results to most of them especially in product detail pages.

Knowing the pain points, we have created the Shopney Theme options for you. The beauty of your products in the product listing (PLP) and product display (PDP) is under the guarantee of Shopney.

The 'Themes' is a unique feature of Shopney which is designed to help you merchandise your products in the best way, so you can increase sales through your mobile app.

With each theme option, you have a different layout in product detail page (PDP) and product listing page (PLP). So it means, each theme is almost an entirely new app a different layout.

Unlike others, we don't fake the word 'theme' with preset showcase design. Shopney offers different PDP and PLP layouts just like different website themes in Shopify Theme Market.

It is totally superior to Each theme is inspired by different store and business types. So, we make sure your products are looking as appealing as possible in the PDPs and PLPs where your customers make the decision to buy or not.

With that said, the 'themes' will not only help you to launch a customer-centric mobile app which is easy-to-use, but also increase sales and add value to your business.

In this article, we will cover the following questions in the given order:

1. Where in the dashboard can I manage your app theme?

2. How to select or change your mobile app theme?

3. How can I find the best theme for my store?

4. Can I change the theme of my app anytime I want?

5. How I can configure my theme further?

6. Can I customize my theme or have a 100% custom theme?

1. Where in the dashboard can I manage your app theme?

The ‘Themes’ section is a field in which you can set and arrange many different things about your app’s theme. To navigate to the section, all you need to do is to click on the designated button of the side-bar menu on your left.

shopney dashboard - themes section

Then you will see the below screen with two main sections. In the Section 1, you’ll find our theme library and your current theme at the top of it. In the Section 2, you can view your current theme’s features on top.

Down below, you have the theme configuration and settings under 2 other sub-sections as Collection Page and Product Page each containing a variety of settings that you can enable or disable for your app. We covered that part in another dedicated article.

shopney - theme options section

2. How can I select or change my mobile app theme?

It is quite easy! On Section 1, you can scroll up and down to browse theme options. Once you decide one to go with, just click on the 'Explore' button next to the theme name as shown below.

shopney - how to select a theme

And then, a popup window will be opening in which you need to click on 'Continue with [Theme name]' button.

Once you click the button will be turned into 'Preview Now' button. If you want to preview the theme you select and see how your app looks with it, you can simply click on the Preview Now button. Then, by scanning the unique QR code, you can view your app with the new theme.

By the way, you can learn everything about previewing your app in this article.

3. How can I find the best theme for my store?

As we mentioned above, each theme is inspired by different store and business types to offer the best mobile shopping experience. You can see brief explanations in every theme's dedicated popup page. So that brief info will give you a general understanding.

However, although there are some commonly-used themes by certain type of Shopify stores, you can find any theme suitable for your business.

So, we highly recommend you to browse all 8 theme options and give them a single try with your mobile app. Therefore, we made it super-easy to preview different themes. It won't take you to preview all themes more than 10 minutes.

You can also check all themes in action via the playlist.

4. Can I change the theme of my app anytime I want?

You can change your mobile app theme by yourself at anytime before launching your app. All you need is to select a new theme and voila!

However, if you want to change your theme when your app is live, it will need our team to re-submit your app's updated version. So, the regular app launch process will be taking place and normally it will take 3-5 days to get submitted. Then, your app will be getting approved by Google and Apple usually in 1-3 days. Once it gets approved, you will be able to see your app with the new theme.

5. How I can configure my theme further?

There are so many quick configuration options you can use to make your app theme fit your store even better. In the Section 2, the below part is full of configuration switches as you scroll down.

theme configuration options - shopney

If you want to learn more about the configuration options and learn how will they help you with your business, you can check another article prepared for it.

6. Can I customize my theme or have a 100% custom theme?

You cannot customize your theme further by yourself. However, if you still want to make some changes and customize it, you can do it on ENTERPRISE PLAN.

Before switching to Enterprise Plan, we request you to fill this form out. With that, we will be able to understand what you want to achieve and if it's really doable or not.

Important Note: Shopney always has the right to reject theme customization requests.

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For further information, please feel free to contact Shopney Support Team.

You are always more than welcome with any questions or concerns. Our support team will be glad to answer them, and help you with anything!

Thanks for reading!

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