It is often useful to add more information in your product page, in addition to the product's description.

To that extent, Shopney offer a feature called "global tabs". Global tabs are tabs that are added to all your products. Those are useful to add global information (type of information that is valid for all products) such as shipping conditions, returns conditions, or any other information that is common to all your products.

If you are looking to add different content per product, you should rather have a look at another guide related to unique tabs by clicking here.

Setting Up Global Tabs for Product Page (PDP)

The information on the tabs are actually tracked and brought from a dedicated page you created on your Shopify store. With this feature, Shopney will bring that information to the product detail page with the rules to set for it.

Here is the step-by-step explanation on setting global tabs:

1- Create a page in your Shopify store. The page will hold the content of your tab. To create a page, click on the "Pages" section in Shopify admin, or click directly here if you are already logged.

shopify admin panel -  creating a new page

2- Go to Shopney Design Dashboard Design > Themes page. The related field is positioned down below as designated.

3- Configure the theme settings by selecting the page to a global tab.

Scroll down to the "Show Tabs" settings, and select the page you've just created either for "First Detail Tab" (1) or "Second Detail Tab" (2).

4- Make sure that you ''Enable'' tabs by turning the related switch (3) on.

How The Global Tabs Will Look Like?

As mentioned above, the tabs will be providing information on PDPs so, it will be taking place under product description on product detail page.

You can see an example below within the designated area.

shopney - mobile app builder - product tabs

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For further information, please feel free to contact Shopney Support Team.

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