There are so many quick configuration options you can use to make your app theme fit your store even better. In the Section 2, the below part is full of configuration switches as you scroll down.

shopney theme configurations

Let's go over every single settings option on the section 2 one by one!

1. Collection Page: How to configure the product listing pages?

The arrangements you make below this part affect only your collection pages (PLP) where your products are listed. These settings will help you increase in-app engagement and sales depending on your business type.

1.1. Image Display Options

Do your product images on the collection pages not look the way they should with the chosen theme?

Depending on your product photography type, you can switch between the three options provided on this page and check which one suits best to your app. None of them is particularly better than the other one. All work the best for different type of pictures. So, it is better to decide after a short trial-error session.

Let us visualize the differences and how they effect the way your products on the collection pages are displayed below.

image display options - shopney

'Fill' option basically fills all the image display area with the image. Even in the cases that the edges of the product image left outside. In the example above, you can see that the display area is fully filled with the image, there is not even a single pixel left empty.

'Fit' displays all the edges of the product image inside the display frame. Again as you can see in the example above, 'Fit' keeps all the image edges inside of the frame.

'Square' option displays the images in a square frame as is evident from its name. If your images are not so vertical or so horizontal, it would give your collection page a neat look as can be seen on the right screenshot above.

1.2. Show Quick Add to Cart

quick add to cart

This comes enabled on most of our themes but if you prefer your customers to check the product pages before adding an item to the cart, you can disable this setting and have ‘Add to Cart’ button removed from your collection pages and enable it back when needed.

It would look like this:

add to cart

1.3. Show Vendor

If you are selling products of various vendors on your store and you want to make sure that the names of the vendors are visible on the collection pages, you can enable this setting. Here is how it shows:

show vendor in Shopney app

1.4. Quick Sort

quick add to cart

Enabling this setting opens a section at the top of your collection pages enabling your customers to quickly sort the products as Best Sellers, Featured and Newest.

qucik sort for Shopney

2. Product Page: How to configure the product detail pages?

The arrangements you make below this part affect only your product pages, so called PDPs. These settings will help you provide information about the products in the best way, so you can sell more!

2.1. Image Display Options

You can switch between the 3 options for your product images on the product page as well. It works the same way as it does on the collection page.

shopify mobile app builder

2.2. Show Vendor

You can enable vendor name also for your product pages. It is displayed like this:

show vendor in PDP

2.3. Show SKU

SKUs (stock keeping units) are numbers, typically alphanumeric, that are used to help identify products and track inventory. You can show SKU numbers on your product pages by enabling this setting.

show sku in pdp

2.4. Hide Quantity Selector

By default, Shopney shows a quantity field or selector on your product pages. While this is an awesome feature to have, it might not always be needed if you're selling products that do not have a huge stock. So you can just hide the quantity selector by switching this button.

quantity selector

2.5. Hide Out of Stock Variants

If you have one variant option (like only size, or only color) for each of your products, you can switch this button to hide a specific variant that is out of stock.
By default, it shows the out of stock products in a pale-grey color but oonce you switch this button, it hides the out of stock variant altogether.

shopney - mobile app

*Please note that if you have more than one variant option on the product pages, this setting would not work.

2.7. Show Buy Now Pop-Up

You can enable this setting to provide your customers the options to either go to their cart or to continue shopping when they add a product to the cart.

Shopney - mobile app builder

2.8. Show Recommended Products

By enabling this, you can add a section to your product pages that displays a list of product recommendations. The data source of this part is also Shopify.
Displaying recommended products to customers makes it easier for them to discover new products, and can help to increase online store sales.

product recommendations - Shopify

2.9. Show Inventory Quantity

You can add a message on the product page or featured product section that shows the number of items you have in stock when inventory runs low on a product variant. For this message to show, you need to enable this setting and two more settings will appear as on the below screen. Here you can set the threshold to show the number of items left in stock or you can just enable the setting under that and show 'Low Stock!' text instead of the quantity number .

mobile conversions

2.10. Show Tabs

It is often useful to add more information in your product page, in addition to the product's description. You can use tabs to do so. There are two types of tabs you can utilize:

A.Global Tabs

B.Unique Tabs

In order to show tabs in the product pages (PDP), there are some steps to be completed on Shopify side. You need to create pages with the information you'd like to show for each of the tabs.
It might sound a little complicated but no worries, here is the detailed guides for both Global and Unique tabs:

How To Add Different Tabs Per Product?

How to Add Global Tabs to Product Pages?

product tabs in pdp on Shopney

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For further information, please feel free to contact Shopney Support Team.

You are always more than welcome with any questions or concerns. Our support team will be glad to answer them, and help you with anything!

Thanks for reading!

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