If you want to add per-product information (like specifications, ingredients etc.), unique tabs are the answer to this issue. Unique tabs allow you to provide product-specific information in product detail pages that are attached to your products using a tag mechanism.

In the following section, you will learn how to set them up.

Setting Up Different (Unique) Tabs for Your Product Page (PDP)

1- Create a new page in Shopify admin. This page will hold the content of your unique tab. You can create a page in the "Pages" section of your Shopify admin.

shopify admin panel -  creating a new page

2- Once you have created your page, we need to retrieve the page handle. To get the page handle, open the page in your Shopify admin panel. In the bottom of the panel, you will see a box called "Search engine listing preview". You can see an example designated below.

The handle is what comes after the "/pages/" segment in the address. In this example, the handle is simply shipping:

Make sure to write down the handle, because you'll need it later on.

3- Then, we will need to inform Shopney team via live chat that you want to display this page's content as a tab for a given product.

Before doing that, in your Shopify admin, open the product that you want to edit. At the bottom right of the product page, you should find a section called "Tags".

shopify admin panel - product tags

You are going to add a special tag that allows to instruct the theme to use our page.

In order to use the first unique tab, you will need to add the tag __tab1:handle (where handle must be replaced by the handle of the page you want to link). For the second unique page, you will need to add the tag __tab2:handle.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that your tag starts by TWO CONSECUTIVE UNDERSCORES as __. If your tag starts by one underscore, it will not work!

To take our previous example, the tag would simply by __tab1:shipping:

product tags - shopify

4- Repeat the process by creating new pages, and attaching them to your products.

5- Go to Shopney Design Dashboard Design > Themes page. The related field is positioned down below as designated.

6- Scroll down to the "Show Tabs" settings and switch it on to enable tabs as shown below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to add a ''Unique Tab'' to a certain product page. You just need to switch it on. If you select it from drop downs (First Detail Tab & Second Detail Tab) it will become a global tab and be visible in all product pages.

Note: For Prestige v1, v2, v3, v4 , Warehouse v1, Focal v7, and Trademark themes, you have nothing else to do. As soon as you add the tab to your product, it will automatically appears in the product page.

How The Global Tabs Will Look Like?

As mentioned above, the tabs will be providing information on PDPs so, it will be taking place under product description on product detail page.

You can see an example below within the designated area.

shopney - mobile app builder - product tabs

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For further information, please feel free to contact Shopney Support Team.

You are always more than welcome with any questions or concerns. Our support team will be glad to answer them, and help you with anything!

Thanks for reading!

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