We all live in a world which we cannot exist without social media right? We feel you and we have a suggestion for you.

One of the best ways to promote your app is to do it through your social media channels. And vice versa, if you have an Instagram account which you want to draw attention to, you can share your Instagram page on your Shopney app.

These channels will feed each other as you aim for bigger audiences. There are two ways to share your Instagram page on your Shopney app.

1. Adding your Instagram page as a quick action

First one is to use our ‘Quick action’ feature. This will enable you to insert your Instagram link at the bottom of your left hand side menu. When your customers click on this button, they will be directed to your Instagram page.

2. Adding your Instagram page to your home page design

Second one is to link your Instagram page with a banner or image on your showcase. You can use custom images promoting your Instagram page and link them with web url action type to your account.

First you need to add image element to your showcase and choose web url as content type (1). You’ll see a mountain like button to add custom images (2). When you add your image the last step would be clicking this button below and entering your Instagram account’s web url into the related area (3).

Then you will end up with your element as shown below.

3. Examples of adding Instagram page to app home page design

Here are a couple of examples from our live apps!

That’s it, now you can promote your Instagram page on your Shopney app and reach out to bigger audiences!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can apply the same for your Facebook page, Twitter account and other social media channels.

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