At Shopney, we always strive for improving your and your customers' mobile commerce experience. Paying huge attention to details, we recognized that some images still need fine-adjustments to look seamless after selecting the appropriate theme. By this, we mean the images in the product listing pages.

So, we developed the ''Product Listing Image Scale Switch'' which has two options as 'Scale To Fit' and 'Scale To Fill'. In the following image, you can see the page (settings page of your dashboard) where you can reach it.

Depending on your product photography type, you can switch between the two options provided on the page and check which one suits best to your app. None of them is particularly better than the other one. Both work the best for different type of pictures. So, it is better to decide after a short trial-error session.

Let us visualize the differences and how they effect the way your products displayed below.


'The Fit' displays all the edges of the product image inside the display frame. As you can see in the example below, 'The Fit' (right-hand side) keeps all the image edges inside of the frame. 


When it comes to 'The Fill' option, it basically fills all the image display area with the image. Even in the cases that the edges of the product image left outside. Again, in the example above, you can see that the display area is fully filled with the image, there is not even a single pixel left empty.

So, this is how ''Product Listing Image Scale Switch'' works. We wanted to visually compare them with the same products so you could better understand the difference.

Now, it's time to go and find out which one fits your product images better.

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