The color used in the user interface is really important. It needs to add visual value to the design of the related items and should be on-brand. In this article, you will find some tips about color usage and how to use each tool in the ''color'' section of Shopney Design Editor.

This section is where you upload your store's logo to be given a place at the top of your app showcase. Make sure the logo you upload is satisfying the specs as 450x90 px, 5 MB, and 32 bit in PNG.

The store logo area is 450*90 and the space reserved for it is 64px on both iOS and Android. Due to technical constraints and the fact that we need to stick up with the human user interface guidelines, it is currently not possible for us to expand the area.

In order to prevent any distortion of your logo, our suggestion would be to go with your brand name only if you are struggling to fit your logo into space. Please feel free to ask help from our support team for this as well.

2. Colors

 A. Primary Color: This is the color that appears in some of the buttons like Add To Cart & dot navigations. We recommend you to select an attractive color to encourage your customers to press the buttons and make the selected item stand out in dot navigations.

B. Secondary Color: This is the color of the fonts inside of the buttons like Add To Cart & Checkout. The best is to pick a color in contrast with Primary Color and Cart Color. So, what is written in the buttons will be clearly visible for users. Generally, white goes well with this item.

C. Chat Color: This is the color that appears in conversation bubbles and sends button in the in-app messaging section. You set a color up to your delight.

D. Cart Color: The Cart Color is the button color that appears in the buttons within the checkout processes. Try to avoid selecting faded colors in order to let your customers see the button clearly and encourage them to press the buttons until the end of the purchase.

3. Icons

In this section, you will see three different sets of icons for the menu, cart, and chat. You can select one icon for each to your delight. The icons will appear at the top line of your app as a menu icon on the left, chat, and cart icons on the right.

All your color (and icon) preferences will automatically be previewed in the right-hand side of the dashboard as you change them.

For further inspiration on coloring, please have a look at this post that will give you some useful tips and ideas.

We are all set! Now it's time to go and color up your app!

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