Your Shopify store is the data source of your app. That's why, in order to be able to see your products/collections, they all need to be set as 'Shopney Available' on Shopify end.

Following the below steps will help you with how to fix it.

  1. Navigate to your Shopify Account

  2. Click on 'Products' on the left menu.

    Once you navigate to your Shopify account, choose 'Products' from the left menu.

    3. Click on the product you'd like to set as 'Shopney available'.

    4. Click on 'Manage'.

When you click on the product as shown in step 3, the screen below appears. You'll need to click 'manage'.

    5. Then, set the product as 'Shopney available' as shown below.

Please keep in mind that:

When you update your products/collections, you need to follow the steps above once again to be able to sync your newly added products to your Shopney account.

The sync process may take up to 2 hours.

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