Fear of missing is one of the strongest motivations for buying online. Countdown Timer element is created for you to trigger that motivation on your app.

Shopney Countdown Timer is the most sophisticated on on the market with features that will enhance user experience and help you sell more from your mobile app.

What Is Countdown Timer?

Countdown Timer is a design element in which the remaining time for a certain campaign will be displayed on your home page design.

You can create flash sales for a certain period like clearance or new drops, and display the time-span that the campaign runs in.

How Can Set It Up On Your Mobile App?


You can simply drag and drop it into the area that you want to see it in your design as shown below.


Like other design elements, a dedicated configuration menu will be opening on the right-hand side of your dash as shown.

Before going into the configuration details, let's learn what is what in a fully functional Countdown Timer as shown below.

Title: Like many other design elements, you can set a title to countdown timer, or you can totally hide it.

Promotional Image: This what makes Shopney Countdown Timer stand out. You can set a promotional image.

TIP: We recommend you to use an appealing custom image that will 
indicate what the campaign is all about.

Timer: This is where the digits actively indicate the remaining time for the campaign.

Subtitle: Similar to the 'Title' you can enhance your countdown timer with a text on the bottom.

Here are the steps to follow to configure the countdown timer:

1. Set the title: The configuration menu starts with title on the top. Once you are done with it, the next stop is setting the end time.

2. Determine ending time: The ending time is when your timer will run out. To set it up, all you need to do is select date (1), clock (2) and timezone (3).

3. Decide On Action Type: You can link your countdown timer with a product, collection(s) and a URL. When the user taps on the timer, it opens the product detail page, collection listing page or the URL depending on which one you selected.

TIP: If you link multiple collections with your timer, the one added 
the first will be displayed when the timer gets tapped.

4. Set The Color: You can change the color of the digits on your countdown timer as shown below. All you need to do is to select a color from the palette or entering the color HEX code.

5. Set the subtitle: You can enhance the timer with a text on the bottom by using subtitle or hide it completely.

6. Adding Promotional Image: You can add an image to the countdown time to make it more appealing and tell more about what is it all about.

TIP: We recommend you to prepare a beautiful campaign image in 
accordance with your general home page design rather than a simple
product or collection image.

7. Set Finish Status: You can decide if the countdown timer will stay on your home page after running out or vanish immediately. All you need to do is to switch it on or off accordingly.

8. Decide On Visibility On Product Lists: When you set the action type (#3 above) as collection(s), the countdown timer will be displayed both on home page (1) and the product listing page of each related collection (2) as shown below.

Once you go through each step above, your countdown timer will be ready to bring you more sales! If you want to learn about the best use cases.

What Are The Best Use Cases of Countdown Timer?

1. How to Use Countdown Timer For Multi-Collection Campaigns?

You can use the 'slider element' just under the countdown timer to indicate which collections are included in the campaign. In this case, users can see which collections are related to the timer just next to it.

It will enhance the user experience and make it easy for them to buy products and collections that are in in sales.

In the example below;

-Timer promotional image features the discount code

-Timer subtitle indicates the available collections are just below

-The SLIDER element features the collections that are linked to countdown timer

TIP 1: You can use the SLIDESHOW, CAROUSEL, GALLERY, CIRCLE elements 
instead of SLIDER to feature timer related collections. They will also
give you beautiful results.

TIP 2: When you use timer with elements mentioned above, you have to
DISABLE INTERACTION on timer configuration menu. Otherwise, when the
users tap on the timer, it will open the collection added the first.

TIP 3: We recommend you to show timer on the collection pages in this
case. Therefore, users will be able to see the timer on the top of
product listing page as shown below image.

2. How to Use Countdown Timer For Storewide Campaigns?

In this case all you need to do is to use countdown timer without any action type.

As the flash sale will be available for entire store, all you need to indicate might be the discount code to be used as in example below.

TIP: Instead of 'Countdown Timer Promotional Image' you can use 
APP-EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT (AED) element on the top. All you need to do is
prepare AED with a stunning image and place it on top of the Countdown
Timer element. So, the users can activate the discount with just one
tap to the AED image.

3. What Can I Use The URL Action Type For?

As mentioned above, you can link countdown timer with product, collection(s) or URL. You can use the URL action type for many different purposes that is related to a limited time period.

For example, you have a special offer for customers who fill out a form on your website before a certain date. You can use the link of the form for the countdown timer.

If you have further questions about this specific feature or any other, please get in touch with us through email, live-chat or arrange a Zoom call.

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