It is pretty easy just like everything else you access on Shopney dashboard. Here are the steps you need to follow to create an app-exclusive discount and make it available for your app-customers.

1- In the design section of Shopney dashboard, drag “App Exclusive Discount” element and drop it where you want it to be on the app screen display area.

* You will need to have a certain image to place inside of the element as shown in the example below.

Discount image example

2- Enter the code summary to the “Customer Code” area.

discount code example

3- Our system will generate a full discount code (Shopify Code) just under the 'Customer Code'. Copy the “Shopify code” and click “Create Discount on Shopify”.

*Important Note: Please don't forget to “Save & Update” your changes on showcase design.

4- You will be redirected to your Shopify dashboard in a new tab. Please, paste the copied code to the “Discount Code” area.

5- Set up the discount by going through 'Types and Value' and save your changes.

6- You’re good to go! Now your customers can apply the discount to their carts by just tapping on the 'app-exclusive discount' element on your mobile app design.

7- If they have an item on their carts while tapping on the discount element, it will open their cart and display the new prices. If they don't, they will see an instant pop-up that indicates the discount application on prices.

We hope that this article answers the questions on your mind. If you need further help with any issue, please do not hesitate to start a live chat with us!

We will be more than happy to help out.

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