As you might know, we deal with the entire app submission processes at Shopney by getting access to your Apple developer account.

But it's possible only if you have a ''Company Account''. For customers who have an individual account, it's merely impossible to deal with that process for the Shopney team. So, we request you to switch your account into a company one to make everything go smoothly. Here is how to do it!

1. Go to your Apple developer account dashboard. And open the 'membership' section.

2. Find the ''Need to- edit this information?'' text-button at the bottom right of the page and click on it.

3. You will see a pop-up page. Click on the ''provide your updated information'' text-button at the end.

4. Fill out the form with the appropriate information and click on the send button.

That's it! Now you are done with your change request.

Apple may contact you about this issue during the process. You will be notified when it's completed.

Also, remember to let Shopney team know when it's shifted to 'company' account to proceed with your app submissions.

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