Push notifications are extremely important for your app performance. We have explained why in another article. But you need to know how to send them first. And here we the whole story about it as followings.

A. When you want to send your first push notification, just navigate to the 'notification' section of your Shopney dashboard as shown below.

B. Then click on the 'Create Notification' button in the welcome page.

C. After clicking on the button you will be welcomed by notification dashboard which consists of 5 main sections as shown below.

1. Title: It is the section you type the title of your push.
2. Message: It is the section you type the message of your push.
3. Rich Media: It is the section where you arrange the rich content to attach to your push. The content can be selected from your products and collections. Or it can be set as a custom image.
4. Delivery: It is the section you set the sending time of your push or send immediately.
5. Display: This is the area where your push notification gets demonstrated.

When you fill up title (1), message (2) and rich media (3) sections, the displayed demonstration will look like below image.

Once you are done with your copy and images of your push notification, then you can jump to delivery of it. If you want to send it without wasting any time, you can just click on the 'send notification' button and voila!

If you want to send it in a particular time, you can set date, clock and time zone as you wish. Then, all you need to do is pushing the 'send notification' button.

Your notification will be delivered to your customers on time and appear exactly how it looks in the demonstration.

HINT: Scheduling feature enables you to deliver the push notifications in different time for customers in different time zones. So you can send your notifications with different schedules and deliver it with best timing to different regions.

If you would like to learn how to use push notifications like a pro, check the related article and make your first push a masterpiece.

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