What is Deep Link? Let's start with finding a proper answer to this question. Deep Link is a link that takes you straight to the content no matter which device or browser you use at the moment.

Weblinks don’t work with native mobile apps. However, deep links direct the user straight to the content inside the app.

The deep links you create on Shopney dashboard works in different cases that are all result-oriented.

If you want to share a product or collection from your app with someone else who has your app, you can send a deep link that directs the receiver exactly to that product or collection in the app. If the user does not have your app, the deep link will direct the user to App Store or Play Store according to the device type to download your app first, then open the regarding product or collection after installing your app.

Without a deep link, the receiver would have to find your app on the AppStore or PlayStore, open the app, find the Search function, and then try to find the same product or collection you shared.

Now, the deep link feature is crystal clear in your mind. Then, let's learn about how to use it for your business. 

First of all, you need to navigate to the 'Deep Link' tab of Shopney dashboard as in the following image.

Once you go there, you will see two sections as 'Products' and 'Collections' inside. You can switch from one to another. 

When you are in the 'Product' section, you can search for a certain product by using the search bar (1) or you can filter listed products by collections (2).

You need to click on the product that you want to create a deep link for. Then, you can copy the link created or/and download the QR Code (goes to the same link) and use them where you want.

***PRO TIPS***

1. You can use deep links for any marketing purpose of your brand. For example, if you use them in your social ads for a certain product or collection, it will drive your customers to download your app. So, those customers who download your app with that deep link will be added to the pool of customers whom you can make free marketing with push notifications.

2. You can use QR Code in your catalogs or brick and mortar stores to enable your customers to download your app with just a quick scan! And there you go with new customers having your app easily!

Hope, you will leverage the deep link feature at its best!

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