You can't manage what you can't measure! This applies for your mobile commerce operations as well. Especially, the measurement and understanding of customer behavior on the mobile app, might be crucial for your business success.

We care about the measurability and accountability of your mobile commerce operations. So, we are enhancing the set of measurement tools we integrate with. Alongside Google Analytics and Facebook, we have now fully integrated with UXCAM and here is how you enable this integration for your Shopney mobile app.

1. Open your UXCAM dashboard.

2. Click on your Profile and click Account Settings on the left bottom of the page like shown below.

UXCAM - Shopney integration

3. Navigate to the Application tab, copy your App Key and paste it to the designated field on your Shopney Integrations dashboard.

UXCAM Shopney Integration Dashboard
UXCAM Shopney Shopify

4. Enable the integration and save changes by clicking the 'SAVE' button.


We hope this guide helps.

If you have issue other than the ones listed above, please contact Shopney support team. We will be happy to help out as always.

PS: At Shopney, we work hard to make all of your favorite apps get functional also in your mobile stores. Please feel free to check 'integrations' section of your Shopney dashboard to see what more we offer as integration.

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