As you know we work hard to enable you to support your customers' mobile shopping journey in their own languages. Did you know that Shopney id the only app builder available in Shopify App Store that supports more languages than any other so far?

When it comes to your mobile app management process in the dashboard, we got you covered too! With Portuguese added latest, Shopney dashboard now supports 5 different languages. Those are:

  • German

  • English

  • Spanish

  • French

  • Portuguese

If you are speaking one of these languages and want to switch your dashboard into it, here are the steps to follow through.

1. On your Shopney dashboard, click on the dropdown menu at the top right (1) and then click on the 'View Profile' button to open your profile page as shown below.

shopney dashboard language

2. On the left half of the menu, you will see the language section.

3. Click on the arrow icon to list the available dashboard languages.

4. Select the language you want to use your Shopney dashboard in and click on the 'Update Profile' button as shown below.

Your dashboard will automatically translate into the selected language.

If you need any further help or guidance, please feel free to contact Shopney support team.

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