Important Note before getting to go: Please make sure your iOS and Android apps are both live in App Store and Play Store before integrating Facebook.

If your situation is satisfying the note above, you are ready to integrate Facebook to your mobile app by Shopney. Let's go!


1 - Go to and login.

If you are already using Facebook Integration for your website, follow the "Step 2.a". If you don't, please follow "Step 2.b"

2.a - Click My Apps > Your App (The App Name that you already use) and go to the "Step 5".

2.b - Click My Apps > Create App on top right.

3 - Write Display Name (your app’s name) and Contact Email. Then click Create App ID.

4 - Copy the ’APP ID’ on left top and paste it to input area below. You can copy the App ID by clicking on it.

5 - Go to Settings > Basic on the left menu.

6 - Fill up the opened form. Privacy Policy URL field and Category are mandatory, the rest is optional.

7 - Scroll down the page and click  ‘Add Platform’.

8 - Choose ”iOS” icon.

9 - Copy your Bundle ID  and paste it to Bundle ID area.

10 - Copy your iPhone Store ID , and paste it to iPhone Store ID area. (Your iPhone Store ID is the ID which is used on the end of your app's App Store link. For example in "", Bold numbers are the iPhone Store ID of Shopney Preview App.)  Then click Add Platform.

11 - Choose "Android" icon.

12 - Copy your Google Play Package Name (It is same with your Bundle ID)  and paste it to Google Play Package Name area.

13 - Copy the Key Hashes  and paste it to Key Hashes area. Shopney Apps's Key Hashes is "pxsHm6kCeK8j8Y/0/vSGmt5EUiU=" Then click Save Changes.

14 - Go back to Dashboard on the left menu. Then find and click Analytics > Set Up on Dashboard .

15 - After completing Step 14, you don't need to do anything. Because Shopney already handled the all the technical steps for you to use  Facebook Anayltics. The last step is clicking the "OFF" switch button on top to turn the app "Live". 

16- Click "Switch Mode" in the opening popup.

17 - When the Status switch turns into "Live" with a "Green" button color, you are good to go!

After making your Facebook integration up and running, do not forget to check our other article to see what this integration will ad to your brand as value.

Thanks for reading!

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