Once you enable the Back In Stock integration in your Shopney integrations dashboard, you'll be able to send rich push notifications supported by visuals to your customers to inform them that their favorite product is back in the stocks!

Once a product is out of stock and your app user taps on 'NOTIFY ME' button that appears instead of 'ADD TO CART', we keep that info in our system, enabling you to see the users who chose to be notified as well. This will help you decide on how much re-stocking you need for the product to satisfy each of your users and prevent any possible over-stocking.

When your product gets restocked, that user wanted to get notified, gets one push notification created by you.

With customized back-in-stock notifications, you are not only able to customize the text but also the timing of your notifications. You can also edit your texts by localizing them according to your customers' languages.

So, you double the chance to make sure your customer learns about his favorite product got restocked.

To enable Back in Stock integration, navigate to your Shopney Dashboard and click on integrations at the top menu. 

Click on it and choose 'Back-in-stock'' integration on the opened page.

When you click, below screen will open. Click 'enable' as shown below and save changes.

Then, navigate back to the header menu and click 'notifications'. Choose 'back-in-stock' and click 'create notification'.

You can edit and customize your notifications from the left menu. You can also choose to send it immediately or at a particular time. 

Our suggestion for you would be to send scheduled back-in-stock notifications for users who choose to be notified for more than one product. Scheduled back-in-stock notifications will prevent you from disturbing your customers. This will also allow you to increase the chance of making the sale, rather than missing it by sending multiple notifications at the same time.

At Shopney, we work hard to make all your favourite apps get functional in your mobile app as well. Please feel free to check 'integrations' section of your Shopney dashboard to see which other integrations we offer. Also, please let us know if you want another app to be integrated with Shopney. Our development team will check its availability and share their feedbacks with you.

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