When you have too many collections in your store, your search page can get full of collections as shown on the left-hand side of the image below. This is simply because we display all mobile-enabled collections in the search page by default.

It's up to you and your visual taste but we recommend you keep the necessary collections only so that you don't confuse your app users by displaying too much info in one place. 

Remember, the search tool is made to make the life of the users easier, not to confuse them!

So, we think keeping it simple is essential here. If you have too many collections, we recommend you to take some of them out by configuring your collections in the 'Settings' section of Shopney.

When you navigate to the 'Settings' section, you need to click on 'Configure Collections' as shown below.

Then, you will be welcomed by the following screen in which you will see your collections listed.

When you click on one of them, the below screen will pop up. There you can rename the related collection and give it an app-exclusive name (1) and hide it from the search page by using the designated switch (2).

Hope you find the article helpful. Now it's time to execute what you've learned from it.

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