Let's start with the fundamentals. Once you wrap your head around the basics, the rest of the menu configuration process will be smooth like butter. Let's slide into it and learn what is what!

Main Fields and Their Functions

There are three main parts in the Menu configuration section;

1. On the left (1), under the MENU title, you have the list of menu item types that you can use to build your mobile app menu.

2. In the middle field (2), under the SELECTED MENU ITEMS title, you have the 'selected menu items' section where you place the types you want to use by dragging them from the field (1).

3. On the right-hand side (3), you have the display area which reflects how your menu will look like with the selected items and settings.

How To Pick Menu Items & Arrange Their Order?

In order to pick and use a menu type, you need to drag it from field 1 to field 2.

To order the menu items, all you need to do is to pick and drag the one you want up or down to find its place and drop there like shown below.

Shopney provides you with all kinds of menu item types to satisfy your needs. Visit the following document to learn how each menu item type and how they can help your business:

How To Build Navigation Menu Like A Pro?

How To Configure A Menu Item?

Once you click on the menu item you want to configure, a configuration menu will slide open from the very right-hand side. In that section, you can;

1. Rename the menu item

2. Align the name left, right or center

3. Set a menu icon for the item

What Is Quick Action and How To Set It Up?

Quick Actions are convenient one-tap shortcuts that enable your customers to perform a set of certain actions in a shorter and smoother process.

Once you activate the quick actions, they will become a one-tap button on your menu functioning depending on the action type you choose as shown below.

You can set a maximum of 2 Quick Actions of the following:

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Facebook

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Apple Business Chat

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Whatsapp

  • In-app Messages

  • Web Url

  • Map

What Are The Settings and Things You Can Arrange With It?

In the settings field, you can arrange the menu style as left panel or bottom bar. Plus, you can do detailed adjustments like setting colors, icons etc.

What Are The Menu Styles?

There are two styles that you can create your mobile app menu with:

1. Left Panel: In this style, your menu items will be hidden under a menu icon on left top and slide open as a panel on the left-hand side of your mobile app.

2. Bottom Bar: With bottom bar style, the first 4 elements on your menu selection will be listed in the bottom section of your mobile app. The rest of the items will be nested under the 'More' icon which is on the very right end of the bottom bar.

Learn More

If you want to keep learning and build your menu like a pro, you may check the following article as well.

How To Build Navigation Menu Like A Pro?

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