In February 2021, Apple has made some changes for Apple Accounts Security policy.

With these changes, all iOS apps are need to be uploaded to the AppStore with Application Specific Password.

Here are the steps to generate app-specific password for your Shopney mobile app:

1. Navigate to your account and login.

2 Scroll down to the 'Security' section.

3. Find the “Generate Password…” anchor as shown below, under the “ APP-SPECIFIC PASSWORDS”, and. click on it.

apple app-specific password

4. Type “Shopney” into the field and click on “Create” as shown.

apple developer account app specific password

5. Copy the generated code.

6. Share your App-specific password with our customer support members.


Any time you change or reset your Apple ID password, all of your app-specific passwords are revoked automatically to protect the security of your account.

So you'll need to generate a new app-specific passwords for your app that you want to continue using.

For future updates of your app, if there is a password change on your Apple Account, please let us know about the new App-Specific Password.

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