Shopify Ping will be a great assistant if you are using Shopney in-app chat actively. Because you will be able to enrich your in-app conversations with personalized offers and convert more.

Here are the three main new actions you can take through in-app chat to increase conversions:

1. Recommending Products: You can share products through conversations as personal offers upon your customer's taste.

2. Offering Personalized Discounts: You can create and share personalized discounts with your clients. So that you can treat them as VIP in each and every conversation with personal incentives.

3. Sharing Pre-prepared Orders: You can create a cart for your client with curated items that will be ready to checkout. So you can take personalization to new levels and increase revenue.

Besides the benefits above, you will be able to manage all your Shopney in-app chat conversations from your Shopify Ping mobile app. So you don't need to login to your Shopney dashboard to respond to your customer requests.

By enabling Shopify Ping integration for your mobile app, you will personalize the mobile shopping and be able to delight customers during their journey with incentives.

If you have further questions about this integration or any other issues, please feel free to contact us anytime. We will be happy to help out!

As Shopney, we work hard to make all of your favorite apps get functional also in your mobile stores. Please feel free to check the 'integrations' section of your Shopney dashboard to see what more we offer as integration. And let us know if you want other Shopify apps to integrate with Shopney. Our development team will check its availability and share feedback.

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