This integration basically enables your Shopney app to communicate with Shopify Ping. So you can manage your customer messages on your Shopney mobile app. And enabling this integration is pretty easy. Let's go through all steps together below.

1. Download and open “Shopify Ping” app on your mobile device.

2. Login with your Shopify account in the app.

3- Enable Shopify Chat by following the instructions (LEFT) on Shopify Ping app. And continue (RIGHT).

4- Tap on the “Update” button on the very bottom of the current page (LEFT) to enable Shopify Chat for the listed actions. Then, tap on “Done” on the left top (RIGHT)

4- Tap on “Get started” on the next screen (LEFT). Then, tap on the “Done” button. Now, you have installed Shopify chat to your store.

5- Now you can use “Shopify Chat” on your website. Remember that you can disable Shopify Chat on your web store whenever you want. While Shopify Chat is disabled on your web store, you can still continue to use it on your Shopney mobile app. Click on the “Settings Icon” on the right top to move on.

6- Tap on the “Apps” section on the screen below .

7- Now you can see Shopney Mobile App on your app list. Tap on Shopney - Mobile App (LEFT). And click on “Show conversations in Shopify Ping” to enable Shopney In-App Chats on Shopify Ping (RIGHT).

8- You are good to go! (LEFT) Now you can view the customer conversations happening through your Shopney mobile app as shown (RIGHT)

We hope this guide is helpful. If you have any further questions or need help, please let us know by typing a message on Shopney's dashboard live-chat or sending an email.

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