Though it is always sad to see you go for any app, you may choose to uninstall or remove an app due to several different reasons. This article guides you through the steps on how to do it.

In order to remove a sales channel, you need to navigate to your Shopify dashboard first.

  1. On your Shopify dashboard, please navigate to the 'Settings' section at the bottom of the left menu as shown below. 

   2. The page below will open up on your screen. Please click on 'Sales                                 Channels'.

   3.  You will see your current sales channels on the opened page. Click on the 'trash can icon' that appears on the right next to the app you'd like to remove.

   4. Once clicked, the below page will open up and the app will be removed from your Shopify dashboard once you click on the related button as shown below.

If you are considering removing Shopney or have already done it, we'd appreciate hearing your feedback.

Thank you!

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