When mobile shopping habits are taken into consideration, one of the most important issues you wouldn't want to encounter as a business owner is the abandoned carts. Your potential customers spend minutes, even hours on your store, adding the products which caught their attention to cart, and then, without completing the checkout, they leave...

There are many apps on Shopify app store that serves as a solution to this particular situation. These applications remind customers of their abandoned carts via e-mail notifications. However, it's a fact that sending an email no longer works... Their opening rates aren't high enough which gives us the conclusion that they don't create the required urgency. When you make your recall via push notifications, it gets way more effective!

Thanks to the abandoned cart push notifications feature of Shopney, push notifications will be automatically sent to users who forget their products in the cart, reminding them to complete the checkout and you will be the one to set the timing of these notifications. This will allow you to get better and faster results than an e-mail reminder.

How to Set Abandoned Cart Push Notifications?

It is easy. All you need to do is to navigate to the 'settings' section of your Shopney dashboard and set ACPN timing as shown below.

The timing indicates the period of time to pass before sending the ACPN to your customers.

Shopney currently offers a fixed ACPN message as shown below and our team is working on making ACPN messages editable soon.

When it comes to deciding the timing for your ACPN it is a bit tricky. There are no solid statistics about which timing gives the best results. It changes from brand to brand depending on the profile of the customers and products. 

We know that contacting cart abandoners too late results in lower conversion rates. That's why all timing levels in our features are in a 1-hour span.

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