The menu item named as ’Collections’ in the left bar enables you to list multiple collections under. Once you add it to your menu, click on the 'Customize Sub-Collections' button that will appear on your right.

After you click on it, you will be directed to a pop-up page in which you can select the sub-collections. The selected sub-collections will appear on your right. By dragging the sub-collections, you can change their order. Also, you can create sub-collections in sub-collections as shown below. 

You can also change the display type of the sub-collections from the right menu.

Below you can see how each type will display your sub-collections.

            Type 1                         Type 2                           Type 3                          Type 4

If type 3 is chosen and the collections don't have images, your sub-collections will be displayed only with the title in the middle.

*Sub-Collection feature is can only be used with Gold Plan and above.

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