The first impressions are important. It tells you a lot about what you are about to deal with. A great first impression leads to better perceptions in the next steps. Likewise for your app. The splash screen image is where you get the first impression of an app. It should look flawless.

In this article, we would like to give you some tips about the splash screen and help you avoid common mistakes about it.

Keep It Simple

Less is more! This is how it works for splash screen. As the app user can see it only for just a second or two, there should be less to see to avoid confusion. Even if you load it with texts and different design elements, it will be so hard to notice. We recommend it to use a simple background and craft it with your brand's beautiful logo.

Pay Attention To Loading Animation

A loading animation appears while the user views the splash screen. You should mind this issue and design accordingly. The loading animation should not intersect with some design items. Here is a good example.

Consider Different Device Types

There are many different types of phones and screen sizes. The size that we set (1242x2688) satisfies all device types. But it gets cropped in smaller size screens. So, you should create a center-oriented splash design. Therefore, your design will be visible and delivering its message in all devices perfectly.

You got the pro tips to design your splash screen. Now, it's time to design it!

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