The lack of customization options and having limited template choices are common problems for almost all template-based software services if they are not tailor-made for the customer. Most of the time, the customers have a small set of templates and struggle to fit their brand into those options if the brand has out of the box characteristics.

When it comes to creating your mobile store, every brand has its own characteristics like inventory size, product image types, and so on. And trying to fit various types of brands into one template doesn't give good results to most of them especially in product detail pages. For example, if you have a square framed product photography, your products will not look good in a rectangular display template.

Knowing the pain points above, we have created the Shopney Theme options for you. We made sure that there is a theme option in Shopney to fit your brand and satisfy your needs, no matter what type of photography you have or how big your inventory is. The beauty of your products in the product listing and product display is under the guarantee of Shopney.

Schematic display of 8 different themes.


Shopney has 6 different theme options currently and our specialists are working on developing new ones. Let's get to know all of them one by one.


Kayra has a clean and minimal layout, great for showcasing big inventories. It is better for brands to have a certain style of product photography with the same background.

Especially, if you have vertical rectangular framed photography and using the similar or the same background in each photo, that is a good fit for your brand. It features multiple products in the grid display.


  • A clean and modular layout

  • Grid display

  • No margin separation between products

  • Suitable for big size inventory


Tulpar is a great theme for niche brands with a small inventory. Less becomes more with its clean layout and eye-catching visual display.

It has a vertical rectangular display frame that enables you to see product detail photography with a bigger size on the screen.

  • Slideshow display

  • Bigger display in the main screen

  • Suitable for small size inventory


Ulgen is a contemporary theme that is created for a modern shopping experience. It is great for brands to have various product types in big inventories.

It features the products in grid display while having a bigger margin between products and lower height: width ratio than theme KAYRA.


  • Grid display

  • Margin separator between products

  • Price tags in the box frame

  • Suitable for big size inventory


Mergen is perfect for visually striking brands with a full-screen size product image display. It enables the user to move easily between product images with vertical slides and browse products with horizontal slides on the product detail page.

With the full-screen size display, your products will shine and attract more.


  • Optimized for vertical full-screen size product images

  • Enables a horizontal and vertical slide

  • Easy transition between products

  • Suitable for medium and large size inventory


Talai has a clean and minimal layout, great for showcasing big inventories. It is suitable for brands having square-framed product photography with the same background.

The products are featured in a grid display without any margin in between.


  • A clean and modular layout

  • Square grid display

  • No margin separation between products

  • Suitable for big size inventory


Offering an enhanced user experience, it is for stores with big inventories. Buttons in product listing enable quick addition to wishlist. Recommended to the brands having a certain style of product photography with the same or similar backgrounds.


  • Clean and minimal product listing

  • Grid display

  • Margin separation without frames

  • Add to Wishlist button in the product listing

  • Suitable for big size inventory


Clean and minimal layout with list type category page. With quick add-to-favorites button, offers a great browsing experience. Suitable for brands having square framed product photography.


  • Line type product listing

  • Suitable for square photos

  • Quick add-to-favorite button

  • Suitable for any inventory type


Enhances overall app experience with animated left menu, quick add-to-favorites button and smoother browsing. Full-screen product image display reflects the actual beauty of the products.


  • Optimized for vertical, high-resolution images

  • Quick add-to-favorites button

  • Smoother browsing

  • Suitable for medium and large inventory


It's easy! And you can change it at any time before you launch your app. All you need to do is to navigate to the 'Theme' section on Shopney Design Editor.

Once you head there, you will see the schematic display of all themes as shown. And the name of the selected menu will appear in the pink background.

To select the best fit theme may require some trial and error. However, you can keep that process short by reading the theme descriptions.


  • The theme of an app cannot be changed after publishing it.

  • There is no limitation on the number of theme changes before launch.

  • The themes don't make any changes in the app's showcase screen. They are all about the collection and product listing or detail pages.

  • If you still feel that the images can fit even better, you can make some fine adjustments by using the ''Product Listing Image Scale Switch''.

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