At this era, we all love the ability to communicate in real-time and get our questions answered quickly. Live messaging (or chat) leaves the customers feeling absolutely satisfied.

To be more precise, Forrester Research found that roughly 44% of online customers say that having questions answered by a real person while purchasing something is one of the most important features of a website. This stat gives a truly realistic example of how much the customers might appreciate the in-app messaging feature.

So, it is important. And we created this unique feature for you. Now, let's move to our real topic of this article: the details of Shopney In-App Messaging!

1. Enabling The In-App Messages

When you click the 'Message' section on your Shopney dashboard, the following screen will welcome you. You need to switch the indicated button to enable the feature on your app.

Then, your screen will turn into the following one if you haven't gotten any messages yet.

2. Displaying The Messages

As you get the messages from users, you will see them getting listed in 4 sections (All, New, Open and Closed) as shown below.

3. Answering A User Message

It's working in an easy way that you are familiar with. You click on the message (conversation) you want to answer on the left-hand side list. And the related conversation opens on the right-hand side as shown below.

Then you can easily type your reply and send it just like it's shown in the following GIF.

4. Closing A Conversation

At the top right of the conversation section, you will see the 'END' button. All you need to do to close a conversation is to click on that button.

5. Good To Know

You cannot start a conversation with your customers. Only they can start the conversations through the app and you can answer.

The users cannot close a conversation. Only you are able to end a conversation.

Before closing a conversation, make sure that your customers got the answer needed and that they are satisfied. Because you cannot re-start the conversation and send another message to the user one you have closed a conversation.

You can test the In-App Messaging feature through Shopney Preview App before getting your app published.

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